In the early 80 s

In response to the reform, Li Yudong, chief engineer, put forward the idea of self-research and self-production of fruit and vegetable machinery

In 1997,

The first generation of vegetable dehydration machinery industry was born, and "Xinghua Vegetable dehydration Machinery Factory" was co-founded.

In 2000,

Registered trademark "Li Gong"

The first generation of Li workers, since then on the road of independent brand

In 2003,

Li Gong Vegetable Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded with the introduction of the first domestic fruit and vegetable dicing machine "type 350 dicing machine"

It broke the monopoly of foreign technology

In 2005,

The company's annual sales exceed 20 million

In 2008,

The company was renamed as "Ligong Fruit and Vegetable Machinery Co., LTD.", and the new factory was constructed and relocated

In 2009,

The sales volume of 350 type dicing machines has exceeded 1000, and the annual sales volume of the company has exceeded 50 million

In 2010,

"The 400 fruit and vegetable dicing machine" came out

Establish long-term cooperative relationship with Jiangsu University, jointly develop new products, and set up enterprise graduate workstation;

Established the Enterprise Machinery Research Institute with Jiangnan University;

Develop long-term strategic cooperative relationship with Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Institute

In 2015,

Issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "cleaning and cutting" two standards, become the industry pioneer

In 2016,

The major achievement transformation project of the State Department of Science and Technology was carried out smoothly, and it was the first time in China to introduce "infrared ultrasonic killing technology".

In 2018,

Construction of the new factory began

The company's annual sales exceed 100 million