产品类目:Cutting Machinery 发布者:李工机械

  • 314kg
  • 2000-4000 kg / h
  • Y112M-6 2.2KW
  • 1250 × 1150 × 1330mm
  • LG400DicingMachine


  • LG400DicingMachine


  • LG400DicingMachine


  • LG400DicingMachine


  • LG400DicingMachine


  • LG400DicingMachine


Product Details
  • Output: 2000-4000 kg / h

  • Feeding trough: 420 * 420 mm

  • Feed height: 1330 mm

  • Exit size: 255 × 185 mm

  • Height of discharge opening from ground: 505 mm

  • Machine weight: 314kg, about 40kg

  • Overall dimensions: 1250 × 1150 × 1330mm

  • Cutting size: sliced 1.6-38mm, sliced 4-20mm, diced 4-20mm

  • Power: Y112M-6 2.2KW 380V variable frequency governor adjusted to the needs according to the material

Product Details


    This fruit and vegetable three-dimensional fresh cutting machine (ie, large dicing machine) is a research project of the Science and Technology Support Program of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology jointly undertaken by the company and Jiangsu University. The main features of this machine are: a wide range of cutting dimensions, up to 25mm cube; cutting parts are completely separated from mechanical transmission parts, completely eliminating product pollution; no dead corners, convenient for rapid cleaning of each team; convenient tool replacement, reducing maintenance Workload.

    Suitable for potato, carrot, potato, onion, green and red pepper, strawberry, apple, peach, pear, pineapple and other tuber fresh fruits and vegetables cut into slices, strips, diced products.

working principle

    The material enters the rotating propeller from the feeding hopper, and is under the action of centrifugal force, which is close to the inside of the shell, and the blade of the propeller is cut into slices by the knife; the circle is rotated when the slice moves between the comb teeth and the knife seat. The disc knife cuts into strips; then it moves to the rotating cross-cutting knife and is cut into squares, rectangles or other preset sizes.

Cutting size

    Adjust the opening of the housing door, and replace the comb teeth assembly, disc cutter assembly, and cross cutter assembly. Multiple sizes can be cut in combination.

    1. Without installing the disc knife assembly, cross-cutting knife assembly, and adjusting the opening of the housing door, it can cut 1.6-38mm pieces.

    2. Install the comb teeth assembly and disc knife assembly, without the knife assembly, you can cut 3-25 pieces.

    3. The multiple cutter assembly with the knife installed can cut 4 × 4, 5 × 5, 6 × 6, 8 × 8, 10 × 10, 12 × 12, 15 × 15, 20 × 20, 24 × 24 cubic Ding. Can also be combined into unequal blocks and bars.

    4. Cut 10 × 10 × 10 and below cubes, disc knife synchronous belt wheel, change from 28 teeth to 24 teeth (random accessory).

    5. According to the needs of processed products, customers indicate the required specifications on the purchase and sales contract.

Installation operation

    Blade knife is divided into fixed blade knife, blade knife holder and insert knife combination.

        1. When transporting the machine to the designated working position, consider that there is sufficient space to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Blade knife: It is divided into fixed blade knife, blade knife holder and insert blade combined blade.

        2. Tighten the brake screw of the swivel caster to prevent it from shifting after turning on. If the ground is uneven, adjust pads should be added to ensure the machine is stable and reliable. There is a grounding mark under the machine, and it is grounded properly at the mark.

        3. Check whether there are foreign objects in the inlet and the propeller. Open the large cover of the machine and turn the timing belt wheel on the propeller shaft by hand to see if there is any abnormal noise. Make sure there are no foreign objects in the machine. If there is a foreign body, it must be cleaned up to avoid damage to the tool.

        4. A professional electrician will connect the power cable that comes with the machine to the output terminal of the workshop (if the length is not enough, the same type of cable can be replaced). When power is applied, the red indicator on the panel of the power control box is on.

        5. A professional electrician presses the green "Start" button on the panel of the power control box, and then presses the "Stop" button after 2 seconds (that is, the test is powered on). Observe whether the propeller blades turn clockwise. Otherwise, readjust the terminal and try again. Open the distribution control box door

        6. After the propeller rotates in the correct direction, after restarting the motor (that is, the propeller is continuously running), a professional electrician opens the door of the power distribution box, adjusts the adjustable knob on the control panel of the inverter according to the type of material to be cut, and observes the digital display Change in value. In general, when cutting hard fruits and vegetables, the value of the selection frequency is higher, up to 50Hz; when cutting softer fruits and vegetables, the value of the selection frequency is lower, and the minimum must not be lower than 30Hz.

        7. After the speed of the propeller is stable, the material can be evenly fed from the feeding port (usually using an inclined conveyor). Professional electrician locks the power control box door. During the production process, the power control box is no longer opened.


    ① Do not allow foreign objects such as tools, stones, bottles and cans with the material to enter the hopper, so as not to damage the tools and machine parts.

    ② Do not continue to overfeed, jam the cutter, affect the product quality, and cause the motor to overload.

    ③ Do not take the materials in the hopper by hand to avoid damaging your arms.

    ④ When the equipment is running, do not open the cabinet or the door of the entrance and exit to avoid accidental injury.


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